1. Test/Calibration Charges as agreed shall be paid in full by Online/Demand Draft/Govt.Cheques in advance.
  2. We agree to pay GST or any other Tax as and when applicable as per Govt. of India norms.
  3. Probable date of issue (PDI) of the Test/Calibration report is acceptable.
  4. All the Equipment/Instruments submitted for Test/Calibration must be in working condition. MSMETC-Shall not be held responsible for delay due to faulty condition of the Equipment/Instruments. We do not Undertake repair/servicing/adjustment works.
  5. All possible precautions shall be taken to ensure safe handling of the jobs, however, for damage if any, during the test/calibration due to accidental/circumstances beyond control, MSMETC-ND shall not be held responsible.
  6. Any Equipment/Instrument accepted for the Test/Calibration may be returned un-tested/un-calibrated under circumstances beyond our control and testing/calibration charges may be adjusted in future jobs.
  7. For job related enquiry customer may always quote the Job Order Number, Application No. PDI and the date given on the Customer Service Request Form (Overleaf)
  8. The Test/Calibration Report shall not be used for any legal purpose and shall not be produced in the court of law.
  9. Discrepancy in Test reports/Calibration Certificates if any may be brought to the notice of MSMETC-ND within one month from the date of issue of the reports/certificates concerned for suitable rectification/corrections etc.,
  10. Tested samples can be returned to the customer, only on written request at the time of openeing the SRF/Job card.
  11. Except otherwise specified, Director reserves the right of disposal of the left over tested sample(s), if any after 90 days from the issue of the Test reports.
  12. Dispute if any shall be shorted out amicably; however, the decision of the Director shall be final.
  13. All Equipment submitted for calibration shall have Type No. & Serial No. or some identification No. on it.
  14. After the completion of calibration & issue of certificate, the applicant shall collect back the items within one month under his own arrangements failing which the items will be disposed off as per the normal procedure
  15. Non-collection of Test/Calibration samples by customer within the specified time will lead to disposal of Test/Calibration samples. No further claims from customer will be entertained in this regard
  16. Service (Customer) feedback form provided with test/calibration report shall be forwarded to customer cell(duly filled)
  17. The customer shall be responsible for any information provided by him in C.S.R form
  18. IN the event of discontinuing the test/calibration job(s), charges will not be refunded.
  19. Industrial Units other than registered micro & small units will have to pay 25% extra other than prescribed charges.
  20. The tested report refers to the samples submitted for the Testing/Calibration
  21. The centre reserves the right to accept or reject the job in absence of sufficient data at the time of receiving the sample.
  22. For Priority/Express service double charges are to be paid.
  23. The above conditions are subject to change/modification any time without prior notice/information.